tom howard photo



Name: Tom Howard

Residence: Marina del Rey, CA

Occupation: Set Lighting Technician, Photographer,                        Lighting Console Programmer

Current Project: Pretty Little Liars

A native of California, I spent my childhood growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. During my teenage years, when I wasn’t making frequent trips to Lake Tahoe, I’d usually spend my free time making videos on my parents’ Hi-8 video camera. When it was time for college, I relocated to Los Angeles to attend USC Film School. It was here where my love of making images extended into the photographic realm. Wielding my mom’s old Pentax MX manual camera, I burned through roll after roll of film.

Upon graduation in 2005, I began to work full-time as a freelance lighting technician and grip. Since then, I have been involved in hundreds of projects from music videos, commercials, television, short films and features. Throughout this time, I’ve managed to maintain photography through set stills, headshots, personal projects, and concept work, and I am always on the lookout for new projects.